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Maren Transliteration Bookmarklet

You can install the Web Version of Microsoft Maren for Arabic language by following the steps below.

Installing means you agree to the Microsoft Maren Transliteration license agreement
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  • Internet Explorer
  • Mozilla Firefox™
  • Google Chrome™
Internet Explorer Logo Internet Explorer
A. Show the Favorites Bar
Press Alt to view the menu bar
From View menu | Toolbars | Favorites bar
B. Add the bookmarklet to your browser
  • Drag Maren (عربي) link to the Favorites bar.
  • Click Yes in the confirmation dialog
    Step 2

  • OR

    Alternatively, follow these steps:
  1. Right-click Maren (عربي) link and select Add to Favorites...
  2. Click Yes on the security alert dialog.
    Step 1
  3. On IE9, IE8: Select ‘Favorites Bar’ from the ‘Create in’ drop-down list.
    On IE7: Select ‘Links’ from the ‘Create in’ drop-down list. Make sure the Links toolbar is visible.
    Step 2
    step 3
  4. Click Add
  5. To use the Web Version of Microsoft Maren on any page, click on Maren (عربي) in the Favorites bar as shown above.
Mozilla Firefox™

Drag the link Maren (عربي) to the Bookmarks toolbar.

Google Chrome™

Make sure the Bookmarks toolbar is visible. Drag the link Maren (عربي) to the Bookmarks toolbar.

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