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Microsoft Maren

Stay connected to your Arab friends with Microsoft Maren, a smart, easy-to-use application available in three options: On Your Computer (desktop), In Your Browser (bookmark) and On Your Website (JavaScript code). Microsoft Maren lets you type in Arabic on an English keyboard. No more searching for Arabic alphabets, all you need to do is spell the text out in Romanized Arabic, “ezayak” for example, and Microsoft Maren will give you word options in written Arabic.
Try it now

Start typing in English letters. Click on a word to see more options.

  • To keep the word in English letters, press Shift + Space.

Please read the license agreement and privacy statement.

Desktop Maren
On your Desktop

Use the Text Service to type Arabic language text in any application in Microsoft Windows.

Maren Transliteration Desktop
Maren Bookmarklet
In your Browser

Use the Bookmarklet to type Arabic language text on any page on the World Wide Web.

Maren Transliteration Bookmarklet
Maren Bookmarklet
On your Website

Use this code to enable Maren functionality in the text fields within your website.

Maren Transliteration JavaScript