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Maren Multilingual

Never get stuck with finding the right English words again. Maren Multilingual allows you to type classic Arabic or Romanized Arabic words within an English sentence. The application then gives you an instant and accurate English translation using Bing Translator.

Please read the license agreement and privacy statement

How to use: Maren Multilingual:

  • When you cannot find the right English word, write it in Arabic (either in Arabic or Roman letters)
  • Any Arabic word written in Roman letters will be automatically converted to Arabic
  • To change a converted word, click on it for a list of options
  • Select the target language from the list box then click ‘Translate’ to translate your statement into English or Arabic

For example: If you type “I met mo7afez Cairo”. It will be automatically changed to “I met محافظ Cairo”, you can then change the Arabic word by clicking on it for options, or you can change the word back to English.
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