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Maren Morph

Maren Morph is a powerful, highly-accurate and comprehensive Arabic morphological analyzer, made to help Arabic users enrich their Arabic language experience.
Maren Morph automatically analyzes a given Arabic word and displays possible analyses with corresponding diacritics for each analysis. Each analysis shows the linguistic structure of the word by deconstructing it into its basic morphemes, including the prefixes, stem and suffixes, and the stem is further broken-down into its root and morphological pattern.
The presented word analyses are ranked in a way that reflects their actual usage in written Arabic text, based on word usage statistics.
Maren Morph also features much more morphological information like all valid derivatives and inflections for the word subject to investigation.
Maren Morph was built to help a wide variety of users spanning Arabic language specialists, college and school students, researchers and academic staff as well as common internet users.
How to use Maren Morph

Note: IE accelerators are available only in IE8 or later.

A. Add Maren Morph to IE
1. Click on the below button to add Maren Morph to IE

2. Click “Add” to add this accelerator to Internet Explorer. Maren Morph
B. Getting started
  • From a webpage, select the word you want to analyze.
  • Click on the blue Accelerators icon.
  • Point to “All Accelerators”. From the submenu that will appear, hover over “Maren Morph”.
  • • A menu will open with the generated morphological analyses for the selected word (see the picture below).
Maren Morph
  • Hovering an analysis will display the English translation corresponding to the meaning coming from this specific analysis.
  • Click an analysis to see more info like: derivatives, inflections…etc.
Maren Morph